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Michael Wirth, HI-2043

Michael Wirth, HI-2043

Being around and involved in residential construction my whole life, home inspection was a natural career choice. Having a home builder as a father, I grew up on job sites doing the work that it takes to get a home completed. Through high school and college I worked on new homes, remodels, flips and renovations of historical homes.

In 1995 after working in computer networking for several years, my father asked me to join him at Housing Consultants as a home inspector. There were no home inspector schools, inspection forms or licensing available at that time so we inspectors had to learn from each other as the industry grew. Education was hard to come by in those days. I joined NAHI and passed the NAHI CRI exam to show my commitment to education and professionalism.

As more inspectors joined the industry without the benefit of education or experience, a need for experienced consultation and structural evaulation was created by their lack of professionalism. Housing Consultants became a structural engineering and consulting company to meet that need and I started Bluegrass Home Inspections to provide professional home inspections.

The industry has changed alot in the years I have been involved but the process of educating a buyer about the home they are purchasing has not. Technical knowledge is definitley required but without the ability to communicate that knowledge in a way my client can understand it is useless.