Home Buyers Inspection

A Bluegrass Home Inspection is done according to the National Association of Home Inspectors (NAHI) standards of practice. Our goal is to let you know exactly what you are buying.

New Home Inspection

When purchasing a new home there are certain expectations that do not apply to an existing home. Although most builders provide a one year warranty, this inspection gives you the chance to address as many of these issues as possible before the closing with a punch list.
  • Quality and Workmanship: This can be a subjective opinion so we use the National Association Home Builders, Residential Construction Performance Guideline as a minimum standard. This defines what is and what is not within acceptable standard of quality in a new home.
  • Safety and Welfare: It is a common misconception that a certificate of occupancy means that a home meets all building codes. In reality it states a home substantially meets the code. Items that are in question can be verified by the builder with the local code enforcement officer.
  • Uncompleted Items: In the final rush to finish a home items that are commonly provided by the builder or contracter for can be missed. Missing items are not covered by the builders warranty

Compliance Inspection

Ideally the contractor who actually performs any requested repairs will verify they are complete and correct. We can reinspect requested repairs to determine if work has been done and if the repair is complete.

Sellers Evaluation

Unlike a buyer, many sellers simply want a summary of the items that may come up in a home inspection and estimated costs for the repairs.

Radon Testing

Radon gas is fairly common in our area due to our Karst geography. We run two simultaneous tests using passive EIC detectors and average the readings for the result. This is done for quality control of every test. Many inspectors use continuous monitors which lack this control of every test.

HUD Foundation Certification

When financing a manufactured home with FHA or VA lenders require an engineers certification of the home meeting the HUD Permanent Foundation Guidelines. By working with our partnerships we can usually provide this within 48 hours of ordering.